We are entrepreneurs

We embrace each project as our own, helping it grow, and even more.
We help our team members in developing their own projects by creating new participating companies.

We invest in ourselves

We are an ecosystem of people nurtured by ideas, thoughts, discussions and positive experiences.

We are never tired of growing, improving and advancing, betting on ourselves above all.

Some of the projects we work on are proprietary brands born within Mirai Bay itself.

Participating companies

Event management, musical and film productions, communication for music artists and copyright management.

We create aesthetically beautiful, functional and conversion-oriented websites always accessible from every device.


We realize tailor-made holiday packages to guarantee fulfilling travelling experiences at the lowest price. We take care of our guests, every day.


E-commerce and B2C is what we do. We manage to sell every kind of product online, in every kind of market.


Online training courses and events.


A platform for parents and children focused on growth and education.